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DOS for freedom of speech

Yes, I do know what DDOS means, but for me — unix & network admin — DOS for freedom of speech has a nice ironic sound in it…

When I was reading about the latest “kill the cartoonist” episode (Lars Vilks: Jag vet inte om jag borde vara rädd )I got an probably stupid idea:

If we could get enough people to draw picture about Muhammad, let’s say 5000 – 10 000 individuals would each draw few blasphemic pictures — it does not matter what kind of pic, because Islamic law forbids all pictures about Muhammed.

After that we’d pick up a day (The end of ramadan would be nice date) when those pictures would be uploaded to different photosharing sites (flikr, photobucket etc).

And before that group of people should make enough, maybe few hundred, accounts for those photosharing sites and publish those accounts & passwd’s on some public mailing list or website.

And on that day which we chose everybody would ‘publish’ their blasphemic pictures about Muhammed. (i.e. Would upload pic’s to photosharing sites using those public accounts)

Maybe some of those accounts would be closed, but already at that time — knowing how things go at the internet — there would be thousands of people doing new accounts and copying those images and so on and so forth.

And if there’d be enough people doing that it would be quite hard, if not impossible to find out who has uploaded those pictures.

Anyway, how many fatwas could they give?

Only problem is that how could we assure moderate muslims that this protest wouldn’t be targeted at them or islam itself?

Anyhow, it propably wouldn’t be good idea, but I got my kicks just thinking about it 😉

(BTW: When I was reading about this insident I found Gates of Vienna, I do not think that We are in a new phase of a very old war — not yet anyway.)